We’ll do what we do best so you can too

The passion that lead you to open your doors is the same passion that we have for retirement plans! While you're doing what you do best, let us do the same by helping you provide a retirement plan that can attract and retain top employees and helps them to save for the future!


While you focus on your business, allow us to help bear the burden of day to day administration, compliance and employee education. We are happy to dedicate the time, attention and experience to help you and your employees though the complex world of retirement plan operations and investing.

What sets us apart

Our business is retirement and pension plans; as fiduciary advisors, we strive to act in the best interest of your plan and participants. We do not dabble in retirement plans, we are dedicated specialists that advise over 160 plans[1].

Process is key

We believe that following a process allows for greater success. We spend time understanding your business goals and each employee. Our process is outlines below:

2. Fiduciary Compliance

1. Plan Design

Enhancing design to improve retirement outcome for all participants while not increasing fees. We strive to give your employees the appropriate plan.

Aligned with your plan as a co-fiduciary, 3(21), and an established system designed to protect the plan sponsor and avoid fiduciary problems.

4. Participant Success

3. Investments

Through education, individual, and group meetings targeted to train participants to plan for the future through retirement contributions.

Quarterly investment fiduciary bench-marking and research aligned with the Investment Policy Statement to help achieve a a quality line up.

Commitment to Best Practices with RPAG

RPAG is the acronym for the Retirement Plan Advisory Group, an affiliation of the nation's leading retirement plan advisors. We are a member of this organization, which gives us access to a depth of resources available only to affiliated advisors. Together, RPAG members have over $250  billion in assets[2] under advisement and work with 401(k) plans for several Fortune 500 companies including LG, Google, Jet Blue, Taylor Made & Albertsons. Being an RPAG member allows us more than sharing best practices, it offers a state-of-the-art technology and practice management platform that provides its members with fiduciary assessment tools, a proprietary and comprehensive fund due diligence scoring system and price benchmarking, and RFP capabilities to assess plan competitiveness.

Through RPAG's robust technology platforms, we maintain full plan accountability which provides our clients with the following technology benefits:

  • A proprietary Scorecard SystemSM  that delivers quantitative and qualitative metrics on an entire universe of 25,000+ funds and dozens of investment platforms.
  • A Fiduciary Fitness Program™ for holistic plan compliance to better protect fiduciaries and prepare plan participants.
  • Use of the B3 Provider AnalysisSM  for unparalleled fee, service and investment benchmarking of over 100 service providers.
  • 24/7 access to detailed plan performance reports through the Fiduciary Briefcase™ virtual online portal.

[1] As of 5/1/2018

[2] As of 12/31/2017