Just like an orchestra where the music is in perfect harmony, our goal at FMN is similar: to create an environment where everything flows smoothly with all of the people and systems working together toward common goals. Interestingly enough, harmony is both objective (it’s often evident to all listeners when someone in the band is playing in the wrong key) and harmony can be subjective (people are all over the map regarding their various tastes in music). Good comprehensive financial planning involves some objectively verified “truths” that will guide people to a better financial life. Simultaneously, we must involve the subjective values or “tastes” of each client to find harmony that is beautiful. Check out the video below to see how we use creative planning to find the solution you seek.  

In wealth management, creative thinking is both an art and a science. Watch this video to see how  our creative ideas can help you visualize potential future outcome.

At FMN, harmony means maintaining comfortable and trusting relationships with our clients. The plans we draft are in harmony with your values working in concert with what you hold dear. Friendly and peaceful interactions and dialogues are a natural part of harmony. You know instinctively when you’re not in sync with another person and we seek to avoid that. When a situation is in harmony, it provides calm and reassurance, and that is when we are most comfortable.

From a financial strategy standpoint, harmony means helping you align your short-term and long-term financial goals and finding the right balance to help you achieve these goals. We’re big believers in helping you define success in your financial plan. The best financial plan isn’t the one with the most money, it’s the one that meets exactly the “tastes” of our clients and helps them define what success means in their own life. Finally, we must maintain harmony with what is actually true in life. This means maintaining alignment with time tested truths, feelings, words and actions. We want to look in the mirror and feel good about the work we accomplished.