As part of your plan implementation, Financial Management Network’s experienced retirement consultants perform an initial investment screening and analysis. We work with you to establish an investment committee and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to outline the decision process.

Utilizing the RPAG proprietary Scorecard™ System, we are able to provide a process to monitor and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies. The scoring system is built around pass/fail criteria (0-10, with 10 being the best) and measures active, passive and asset allocation investment strategies. The system measures three different risk/return criteria (versus Morningstar’s single measure) as well as style characteristics, peer group rankings and multiple qualitative factors, including portfolio manager tenure, expenses and strength of statistics. Utilizing the results of the Scorecard™ ranking, we are able to make recommendations for fund additions, deletions and replacements during the Fiduciary Investment Review.

Combined, these factors are a way of measuring the relative performance, characteristics, behavior and overall appropriateness of a fund for inclusion into a plan as an investment option. The Scorecard Point System is meant to be used in conjunction with our Investment Policy Statement, in order to help identify what strategies need to be discussed as a “watch-list” or removal candidate; what strategies continue to meet minimum standards and continue to be appropriate; and/or identify new top-ranked strategies for inclusion into a plan.

Not all rating systems are created equal. The Scorecard System incorporates multiple criteria into the fund score. This comprehensive approach affords fiduciaries an extremely powerful investment tool they can use to select and monitor funds; it can be applied to any retirement plan, regardless of size or sophistication.

Features of Our Services Include:

  • Scorecard℠ System for Fund Ranking – Systematized investment line up advice
  • Asset Allocation Fund Monitoring
  • Quarterly Investment Analysis Reports
  • Investment Policy Statement Support
  • Quarterly Market Summary
  • Personalized investment reviews
  • Record keeper ranking
  • Assistance with participant fund change communications
  • Target Date Selection