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Transitions Wealth Manager Clients are unique in many ways. Like most people, they didn’t start out with a complete understanding of how expensive it was going to be to maintain their well above average standard of living while they were working as well as through retirement. The real long-term questions never seemed to surface along the way.

EXAMPLE: When Jacob and Lisa were growing their family and their wealth, the attention was on the day-to-day matters of work and family.  Their wealth enabled them to respond to most issues, but that was when there was income coming in so there was a ready supply of dollars to draw on.

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But with retirement here it’s a bit more daunting. The earned income has stopped of course, and while there’s a pension and money from retirement plans the demands for time and resources has let up very little. Family members need help and everyone seems to turn to them in times of need.  Both Jacob and Lisa want to help, it’s their nature, but helping out now brings up more questions than it answers.

Unable to define exactly what they might need to live out their years as comfortably as they’d envisioned, they’ve gone through some periods of stress uncertain about what they can afford and what they can’t.  There’s been times when they both put off doing things that they really wanted to do but didn’t because they were concerned that they were spending too much.  Odd that looking back on their working years, they’re finding financial decisions harder today than they did then.

Only recently the possibility of moving became another consideration with what seems like more options than they can imagine getting their arms around. The kids have largely moved on and with friends also leaving the area, they’ve begun to question staying in the home they’ve lived in for the last 20 some odd years. In some ways, they can see the advantages of keeping the home that they raised their children in. It’s still the families “center” and the place that holiday and special occasions are held. And, Jacob and Lisa still love their home and their property. But taxes on the house are increasing and they can’t help but think that they’re paying for a lot of space they no longer use. They’ve considered buying a second home but every time they find something that they like the issue of how much it’ll cost them seems to negate every decision.

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The investments that they made over the years have given them a solid base of money to work from. But at one point they’d envisioned that they’d be able to get out of riskier investments and take a more conservative approach to how they managed their money. But they can’t see how they’d get by on today’s low interest rates with more money in the bank than in the market. That problem is compounded by the fact that they never had to “build” an investment program to sustain them. It was easier when they were figuring out how to accumulate money for the future than it’s been to figure out how to balance spending their investments providing for a comfortable life and yet still providing for the growth they need to both keep pace with inflation and provide a base of capital to use into their future.

For Transitions Wealth Manager Clients the myriad of financial issues and concerns reach into all aspects of their lives. Having a cohesive and cogent plan for long-term success is based on multiple factors and decisions all made easier by thoughtful planning and an evaluation of both the lifestyle and financial profitability of exploring a full range of options.

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